“A couple of years ago my doctor recommended I see a dietitian. My doctor recommended the company that Shannon Leininger worked for as a dietitian. To date I’m very happy with my progress, and all the advice that Shannon has given me regarding improving my life and health. She’s honest, upfront and so helpful. If you’re looking to improve your life through better health and nutrition you can not do better than Shannon!”

Patient Halene K.

My name is Tom and I have been a client of Shannon Leininger’s for the last  9 months. I am a male, 74 years old, and my health profile includes chronic kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, high-blood pressure and overweight  My primary care physician, cardiologist and nephrologist strongly counseled I need to find a experienced dietician because the diet to control chronic kidney disease and the diet to control diabetes are not compatible, very tricky and professional help is essential. Shannon has the expertise I needed . She carefully planed a diet and exercise regime designed to improve my kidney function, reduce glucose, improve blood pressure and included a healthy exercise program. Under Shannon’s supervision including routine in person meetings my glucose has gone (3 month intervals) from A1 C of 7.9% to 6.9%, to 5.9% and most recently 5.9% again. My kidney functions over the same period have reversed the downward trend and show gradual improvement. Blood pressure now at very good levels on a consistent basis. Weight loss also continues. Shannon is a good listener and offers encouragement and keen insight as to adjustments needed along the way. Shannon offers excellent advice, but the key is I listen to her advice and do it! I would highly recommend Shannon to any serious client.

Patient Thomas D.

A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes.  My doctor recommended I see a dietitian.  I needed to find an experienced dietitian to teach me how to control my diabetes & help me with weight management.  Shannon has given me good advice regarding improving my life and health.  Sometimes I get “off track” when discussing what I’m doing or not doing, but that’s because she’s more like a friend who happens to be a medical professional.  Shannon is a good listener & encourages me to stay on track.  She even took  a group of us to a grocery store to show us how to “shop better” so that we get the right foods that are beneficial for diabetes management.  I would highly recommend her!

Patient Denise J.